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One of the main reasons why we jailbreak is to install apps, tweaks and other forms of modification that we can’t get from the app store. Android users can’t jailbreak and, while their environment is somewhat more relaxed than iOS, there is still much that they cannot read more

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With jailbreaking seemingly in decline right now, we are finding ourselves increasingly having to rely on external app installers, like TweakBox, AppValley , and TutuApp, to get some of our Cydia content back on our devices. read more

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Jailbreaking used to be a regular pastime for many iOS users, a way for them to modify and customize their iOS devices as well as downloading modified apps and tweaks. Some users chose to use Cydia [ext link] as a way of getting some read more

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Android users are well aware of the fact that they cannot jailbreak their smartphones or tablets and, while they have more freedom than iOS users, there is still quite a bit that is not available to them. A recent spate of app installers have all been read more

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Music streaming is a big thing on iOS devices now, with Spotify being the most popular of all the music streaming services. With over 140 million users, Spotify is full of great features but only if you pay for it. While many use the free, ad-supported service, others read more

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With jailbreaks fast disappearing, iOS users have been forced to go without Cydia, not knowing when or if it will be updated again. Several developers have helpfully produced some app installers for us to use, offering a taster of Cydia with loads of other content. None read more

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Now that most of us can no longer download Cydia onto our devices, we don’t have a way of installing our favorite games emulators anymore. These emulators are what allow us to play our favorite console games, like those from the PS1 and Nintendo range of consoles, read more