One basic feature that Apple has always neglected to provide is a screen recorder, leaving it to jailbreak developers to do the honors and that’s where iRec came in, the first jailbreak Screen Recorder. A highly popular app, users were left adrift when the developers stopped updating it to support the later iOS versions. Now though, iRec [ext link] has that support, all the way up to iOS 11 and has more features than ever before. Even better, no jailbreak is needed so stay with us while we tell you how to download it.

Image : iRec Screen Recorder App

How to Download iRec :

Because iRec is not an official app it won’t be in the iOS app store. You can download it through ACMarket app installer though:

  1. Download ACMarket following the guide at the given link 
  2. Open ACMarket, go to the search bar and type in iRec 
  3. When the search results come up, tap the result that matches the iOS version on your device
  4. Follow the download instructions on the screen
  5. When the installation has finished, you will be able to start using iRec to record your screen 

iRec Alternatives :

iRec is a very popular screen recorder with loads of features but it may not be for everyone. Luckily, iRec is not the only screen recorder that you can use; there are two others that are good alternatives:

  • AirShou

The first alternative is called AirShou, another very popular download from Cydia that was eventually withdrawn by the developers and never put back. Now it is back without the need for jailbreaking first and has support for all iOS versions, opening it up to millions of users. AirShou offers video recording capabilities at 60 fps in 1080p, simple recording by tapping on the onscreen button, stereo recording at a very high quality and much more. For more information on what AirShou [ext link] offers and how you can download it, click on the link.

  • CoolPixel

The second alternative is called CoolPixel and it is a screen recorder with a very big difference. As well as the usual Full HD recording features, CoolPixel also offers a video editing studio. You can import your own HD videos into the app for editing, edit the ones you create on your device or download from BGM online. A swipe of the finger will allow you to add subtitles and dubbing and a choice of movie effects through the addition of rich filters. As well as iOS, CoolPixel works on Android and is very easy to download. Check out all the other features and a CoolPixel [ext link] download guide at the linked article

Give iRec a go today and see how you get on with it; if you can’t, try one of the alternatives and don’t forget to tell us how you get on. Follow us on Facebook and we will keep you updated with all the latest news.

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