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Music streaming is a big thing on iOS devices now, with Spotify being the most popular of all the music streaming services. With over 140 million users, Spotify is full of great features but only if you pay for it. While many use the free, ad-supported service, others fork out $9.99 every month to get the premium features, including the prime pick of the more than 30 million songs already in the database. If you really want those features but don’t want to pay for them then you need Spotify++.

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Spotify++ contains all the features of the free Spotify app plus all the premium features. In short, you are getting the full package without the monthly cost attached to it. There isn’t any need to install Cydia to download Spotify++ and it is and always will be free to use. With so little in the way of jailbreak news, modified apps are becoming more and more common so have a look at what you can get with Spotify++ .

Spotify++ Features :

 Together with all the features of the free app, you get:

  • Unlimited track scrubbing 
  • The ability to skip however many tracks you want
  • The best in sound streaming quality
  • All the other premium features
  • No jailbreak needed

How to Download Spotify++ :

Directly go to official page

You cannot get Spotify++ from the iOS app store but it is easy to get. All you need to do is download an app installer called ACMarket first. Here’s how:

  1.  Follow the linked guide to Download ACMarket
  2. Open ACMarket
  3. Search for Spotify++ and tap the result the corresponds to the iOS version you are running
  4. Follow any instructions on the screen and wait for the installation process to finish
  5. Now you can enjoy Spotify++ [ ext link ] and all the premium features for free 

How to Fix Spotify++ Crashing :

Because of the way that you need to install Spotify++, it will stop working inside of a week. This is down to Apple, not the app itself; they regularly review app certificates and revoke any invalid or unofficial ones and the only way that you can stop this is to download NessTool [ext link]. This small tool stops Apple revoking the certificates; click the link to find out how.

There is a small word of warning , do not try to run both the official Spotify app and the modified Spotify++ app together as you will find that they conflict with one another. Remove the stock app before you install Spotify++.

Do let us know if you tried Spotify++ and how you get on with it. For all the latest app updates and news, you can follow us on Facebook.

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